Broadening the Benefits of Growth: No one left behind


  • Landry Signé
  • Shanta Devarajan
  • Mark Malloch Brown
  • Abele Shimeles



  • Brookings Institution

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Chapter 3 comprises several articles. The first of these articles are titled: Why has Africa’s fast economic growth left more poor people behind and how do we fix it? written by Landry Signy. This essay explores three factors explaining the disconnect between African growth and poverty reduction, and provides some policy recommendations to broaden the benefits of growth going forward.

The next article is titled: Universal basic income and Africa’s oil countries. For those who were optimistic about African economies, the past few years have been a disappointment. Whereas the continent averaged close to 5 percent annual GDP growth in the first decade and a half of this century, that growth rate has since fallen to 1-3 percent.

The next article is titled: The Global Goals business opportunity in Africa written by Mark Malloch-Brown and Paul Polman. They discuss the current significant risks to global growth.

The next article: Lower poverty rates don’t always mean there is less poverty talks about the demographic boom and in absence of quality employment growth, poor populations are often left alone, facing serious risks and vulnerabilities.

The following article is titled: Current trajectories for achieving select Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In order to stimulate quality employment growth, governments should develop policies aimed to achieve economic structural transformation through diversification and development of labor intensive sectors. “Understanding the patterns and causes of African migration: Some facts” written by Abebe Shimeles Abebe is discussing the reasons for migration patterns in Africa.

The following article is titled : Africa and Europe: Towards real partnership on migration by Kemal Dervis highlights the possible solution for migrations from Africa to Europe. Nutrition security: The last mile of Africa’s food security agenda by Eyerusalem Siba and Ending rural hunger: Where do we go from here? covers food security as one of the challenges enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals. Poverty still holds citizens back from obtaining enough food, and child malnutrition (under-5 stunting) is not uncommon.

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