China-Africa Trade Developments and Impacts: Case of China-Zambia Relations


  • Caesar Cheelo

    Pamela Nakamba-Kabaso

    Zhun Che


  • Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis & Research

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At a glance, China and Zambia – just like China and Africa – are strikingly different in many ways. They followed markedly different paths to development. They achieved significantly divergent trade and development results. However, they also have many striking commonalities, including a shared long history of developmental cooperation and relations. But, what are the lessons of China-Zambia relations for Zambia’s developmental goals and aspirations, including those in the Vision 2030?

This study sought to undertake a critical comparative assessment of the trade (and other underpinning socio- economic) developments in China, Africa and Zambia, with a view to understanding their impetus as well as their consequences, both positive and negative, for China-Africa and China-Zambia ties. It offers unique perspectives and understanding about China-Africa and China-Zambia relations. It takes a look at the history and present-day China-Africa and China-Zambia relations, considering the social and cultural ties that have de ned cooperation as well as the political and diplomatic relations that have been forged over time. It unravels the trade and development implications of these relations for Zambia, Africa and China.

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