Morupule B aftertaste sours China’s new push into African energy

Chinese firms are fast moving from competing for construction and maintenance projects in the African energy space, to increasingly holding equity and being producers on the continent. However, the failures at Morupule B in Botswana are a warning that when the best laid plans go up in smoke, it is ordinary citizens who must pay the price. Despite the souring of diplomatic relations between Botswana and China over Morupule B, Botswana is a high target for Chinese players looking for equity in the African energy sector. Companies such as TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis, China Harbour Engineering Company, China Construction Power and Environmental Engineering Co Ltd, Jinko Solar, Yingli Energy China Co. Limited, Chint Electric Corporation and several others are eager for equity space in Botswana’s energy sector, as evidenced by their bids for the BPC’s two outstanding REOIs. –Wits Journalism/

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