Sudan Gets $160 Million in Debt Relief From China

Sudan Gets $160 Million in Debt Relief From China

The Chinese government on Friday has announced debt relief for Sudan worth $160 million saying it would provide additional 500 million Yuan (about $75 million) in financial assistance to Khartoum. China’s debt on Sudan is estimated at more than $10 billion. First Vice-President and Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih. described cooperation between Khartoum and Beijing as “model” for bilateral relations. China has invested more than $15 billion in the oil industry in Sudan. –Al Bawaba/


Before we start making brush stroke statements calling the China-Sudanese relationship a model relationship for African countries, lets keep in mind that China relieved 1.6% of Sudan’s total debt. On the other hand China will be benefitting from $15 billion dollars investment in oil for generations to come…

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