Africa: 10 things to watch closely in 2018

Africa is once again set for an eventful year. In the coming months, citizens are expected to gain even more mobility on the continent, defy their leaders through popular protest and rely on greater connectivity to voice concerns. Two major unknowns, however, are how things in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will play out and whether the new coalition against terrorism in the Sahel can make any difference. With new leaders in power in Southern Africa – from Angola to Zimbabwe and likely in Botswana and South Africa – change could be on the cards for this region. Here are 10 things to keep an eye on:

  1. Have passport, will travel: free movement gains momentum
  2. New infrastructure promises growth
  3. Social media has leaders running scared
  4. The price to pay for keeping African migrants out of Europe
  5. Elections are not a panacea for states in crisis
  6. New brooms to sweep Southern Africa clean
  7. Who will stem the crisis in the DRC?
  8. More women at the helm could make a difference
  9. Opposition goes for broke or breakaway
  10. France’s exit strategy, with a little help from the Saudis –African Portal/
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